ComputerEcology: How to Use Computers with Environment Awareness


The Linux-Ecology-HOWTO discusses ways to make computers less harmful to our environment and to solve some ecological issues. It explains how to use Linux to save power and consumables like paper and ink. Since it does not require big hardware, Linux may be used with old computers to make their life cycle longer. Games may be used in environmental education and software is available to simulate ecological processes.

Issue 0.20, 28 September 2009 is available now.


The HOWTO is available in different formats:

Currently I will not provide other formats! Please check The Linux Documentation Project - TLDP for other document formats.

Download of TGZ archives with Microsoft applications: Newer versions of WinZip are able to unpack the TGZ format. If you prefer a free and GPLed tool, take 7-Zip.


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